Welcome to St. Mary's School

Mission Statement

St. Mary’s School exists in order to create a Catholic educational community where human knowledge, enlightened and enlivened by faith, is shared by teachers, students, parents, pastor and the parish community. Each individual student at St. Mary’s School is important. Learning to like Christian values is part of the development of the self-identity of each child as a person within the Community of Faith, the Church. St. Mary’s School endeavors to develop the mental, the emotional, the social, the physical, and most of all, the spiritual life of each child. Therefore, the curriculum is considered. Each child’s learning and experiences will affect his/her ideas attitudes and habits of living, not only in the school, but at home, in the parish, in the local community, and in the Community of Faith, the Church. Catholic faith is a way of life for the Catholic family, not a mere presentation of doctrine by a teacher in a classroom. Parents are the primary educators of their children. We rely on the family to practice, support, nurture and develop the Catholic faith through regular Mass attendance, active participation in the sacraments, etc. Non-Catholic families should practice the beliefs they profess and respect our Catholic faith as we respect theirs. St. Mary’s admits children of any race, religion, color or national origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities, generally accorded or made available to children at school. Instructional and Educational programs as set forth herein shall mean to include Religious Education. Non-Catholic students will participate in religion and all religious activities to the extent their faith allows.